How many devices are permitted per account?

You may have 3 devices per account. Only 1 of them can be a mobile device.  You may also have as many accounts as you need.  The service fee is per account.   

Can I get local channels?

No.  You can however download local channel apps, some of which have live feeds for news etc.  Also depends upon where you live as some of the channels will be local.

Can I supply my own device?

Absolutely!  You need to make sure a fire stick has the ability to install apps from unknown sources.  We also sell them ready for plug and play or we can do the installation on your device for a cost.

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How long will it take to get started?

If you have a device, you can download and install the app from our site, it only takes a few minutes. After you purchase your subscription, you will get an email confirmation with your user name and password, typically within an hour during the week.  Weekends are subject to availability but most times can be just as quick.  At the latest you would receive your email on Monday.  You can then start viewing.  

If you need a device(s) with installation, they will be mailed out the same business day.  In the mean time, you can immediately watch on your mobile device, (1 per account and counts as a device) just by downloading the app from our site and installing it.  You can change a device on your account at any time, please see that FAQ. 

Can I change a device on my account?

Yes.  You may log out of any device and log into another at any time.  You may have a maximum of 3 devices per account.  1 device may be a mobile device, the other 2 must operate on the same IP address.

Trouble Shooting

Please see our trouble shooting page

Trouble Shooting