Screen blank/blue?

Screen saver has activated, press any button to resume watching content.

How fast does my internet speed need to be?

Absolutely must be at least 20 mb per device.  The latency or ping must be under 60 ms.  If you do not have at least this speed, it will buffer and freeze.

My service is buffering...

Check internet connection.  Check all connections.  Reset modem, router, and device (firestick, phone, android box, etc.)  Remeber, the stream is live, most of the time it has to do with your internet service or service provider.  If you have a mobile device on your account, (not on the same network or wi-fi) check to see if it is working properly.  That will definitely tell you if it is your connection.

Channel says no video or is blank

If you are watching a sports channel, the event has not started or has finished.  If there is another channel with this issue, either the programming for the day has finished or there is a technical problem that particular station is having.  Please report via email and we will pass on the info and get it corrected asap. As with any other TV service, sometimes a station has technical issues and they will resume programming as soon as they fix the problem. 

Please contact us...

If you experience any other problems, please contact us and we will fix asap.  This troubleshooting page will be updated if there are other common questions/problems. 

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